16 December 2010


Oh golly, look at these, the french ice the cake with stationary cuteness once again...

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15 December 2010



I managed to get along to the work room sale at KOWTOW on Sunday, KOWTOW is a wellington label using all organic cotton in their clothing range. I purchased a dress and a grey hoodie and what really sold me was....the awsome chilled out atmosphere, the colour range in the collection( mostly natural, neutral colours), the genuine girl, Gosia ( also designer also creator of KOWTOW, and the high quality cotton threads that were avaliable, also learning about organic cotton is pretty interesting,well i'm interested.. especially if it's something to help out our mother earth!
Heres a quick interview with Gosia, the creator of KOWTOW.


How old are you?

How did you start KOWTOW?

Wanted to start my own business doing something ethical and sustainable. After some research and conversations with friends I realized there was a gap for fairtrade organic clothing in NZ.

What's the big deal with organic cotton?

Conventional (non-organic) cotton production uses 25% of the words pesticides, making it the most pesticide intensive crop in the world. Our organic cotton uses natural pest eradication, fields are rain fed (nor irrigated) and because of the fairtrade premium farmers have a more substantial livelihood. For more info visit our sustainability page: http://www.kowtowclothing.com/pages/sustainability

Where does your inspiration come from for designs?

Every 6 months we design a new collection. Our design inspiration comes down to our limitations, as we do not use zips, buttons or elastane (as we cannot prove their sustainable traceability), therefore we only use 100% certified fairtrade organic cotton. This limitation makes us think outside the square with our design. Each season is also based around a theme ... Summer was Grammatical Conjunctions and Winter 2011 is based around Antoni Gaudi's work. Having a theme keeps things nice and focused, from there we draw a colour pallet and print ideas.

Three best cafe's in wgtn?

Diamond Street Deli, Delux & Sweet Mothers Kitchen (is that a cafe or restaurant???)

Dream country to live in?
Somewhere in the bush, overlooking the ocean in NZ .... oh wait - that's my house in Wellies (only if it were warmer!).

Check out www.kowtowclothing.com

You can buy their collection online and it's definitley worth a look, last minute xmas pressies...

11 December 2010


Sourced from "ETC" by Sibella Court
Love the natural colours combined with the strong navy and black. Stacked cushions and special collections stuck on the wall is personal and chic at the same time. Nothing beats natural wooden floors.

7 December 2010


My range of necklaces is now being sold at Magnolia Trading Company Wellington!!
113 Tory Street.....A range of colours avaliable $79 per set, all hand made by moi!!


Dream job, this swedish stylist has such great taste, so clean and perfect. A dream job to work as a stylist like her.. for all those beautiful home magazines....one day!!