30 January 2011


Love the earthy brick combo with the clean white black and grey and simple chic kitchen fit out.

29 January 2011


Buona notte, I think if we all slept in rooms like this one we'd all sleep peacefully.

26 January 2011


Photo I took of some chairs in Paris, oui oui. Currently listening to a great french radio station, taking me back to Paris


23 January 2011


Great tassles on a scarf mum gave me....normally not a bright colour girl, but the salmony colour of the tassles on this bright silk scarf totally pull me into it's trap and the scarf ends up on my neck.
What do you think about tassles?


Dinosaur designs new collection "BONES". The thing I love about dinosaur, the can complete portray a mood and idea with such simplicity and boldness all at the same time.
I love the colour scheme in this collection! Need to get a stack of those bangles on my wrist.

Image source www.dinosaurdesigns.com.au


Berlusconi in a nut-shell?
A photo I took in Milan, I think this man is no representation of a major part of Italy, but he's voted to be prime minister? Make sense to you?

18 January 2011


Do you find that if you do nothing, it sucks away your creativity?
But if you're busy and moving, creativity flows?
I'm moving my butt and getting the creativity flowing after a PAUSE, ( Holiday )
New range on necklaces on their way pals...
Enjoy this cool kitchen while you wait to see the creations that are under construction.
 P.s Please kick me to move if the creating stops. MERCI

6 January 2011


Have you ever been into an AESOP store? It's really worth a wee visit, their organic and botanical scents are scrumptious, the store fit outs are always very impressive and their products-food for the skin!!!

 The mandarin facial hydrating cream is a personal fave. Stocked at WORLD beauty in Wellington, NZ.