16 December 2010


Oh golly, look at these, the french ice the cake with stationary cuteness once again...

Images sourced from above URL.

15 December 2010



I managed to get along to the work room sale at KOWTOW on Sunday, KOWTOW is a wellington label using all organic cotton in their clothing range. I purchased a dress and a grey hoodie and what really sold me was....the awsome chilled out atmosphere, the colour range in the collection( mostly natural, neutral colours), the genuine girl, Gosia ( also designer also creator of KOWTOW, and the high quality cotton threads that were avaliable, also learning about organic cotton is pretty interesting,well i'm interested.. especially if it's something to help out our mother earth!
Heres a quick interview with Gosia, the creator of KOWTOW.


How old are you?

How did you start KOWTOW?

Wanted to start my own business doing something ethical and sustainable. After some research and conversations with friends I realized there was a gap for fairtrade organic clothing in NZ.

What's the big deal with organic cotton?

Conventional (non-organic) cotton production uses 25% of the words pesticides, making it the most pesticide intensive crop in the world. Our organic cotton uses natural pest eradication, fields are rain fed (nor irrigated) and because of the fairtrade premium farmers have a more substantial livelihood. For more info visit our sustainability page: http://www.kowtowclothing.com/pages/sustainability

Where does your inspiration come from for designs?

Every 6 months we design a new collection. Our design inspiration comes down to our limitations, as we do not use zips, buttons or elastane (as we cannot prove their sustainable traceability), therefore we only use 100% certified fairtrade organic cotton. This limitation makes us think outside the square with our design. Each season is also based around a theme ... Summer was Grammatical Conjunctions and Winter 2011 is based around Antoni Gaudi's work. Having a theme keeps things nice and focused, from there we draw a colour pallet and print ideas.

Three best cafe's in wgtn?

Diamond Street Deli, Delux & Sweet Mothers Kitchen (is that a cafe or restaurant???)

Dream country to live in?
Somewhere in the bush, overlooking the ocean in NZ .... oh wait - that's my house in Wellies (only if it were warmer!).

Check out www.kowtowclothing.com

You can buy their collection online and it's definitley worth a look, last minute xmas pressies...

11 December 2010


Sourced from "ETC" by Sibella Court
Love the natural colours combined with the strong navy and black. Stacked cushions and special collections stuck on the wall is personal and chic at the same time. Nothing beats natural wooden floors.

7 December 2010


My range of necklaces is now being sold at Magnolia Trading Company Wellington!!
113 Tory Street.....A range of colours avaliable $79 per set, all hand made by moi!!


Dream job, this swedish stylist has such great taste, so clean and perfect. A dream job to work as a stylist like her.. for all those beautiful home magazines....one day!!


29 November 2010


A dream dress by Balenciaga that I dream of owning one day, I love how the creases and overlapping have an organic, soft and bold element to them. The colour is so soft and unusual.

Photo source:Jak & Jil

24 November 2010


Lis Carpenter, when I think of a significant mentor for me this year, I think of Lis. Lis is an American living in Milan and has done so for 10 years

I was an intern for Lis for six months this year in Milan in her " bottega " where she sources fabrics and creates.....all things beautiful for the home.

Lis for me was a rock, but most certainly a colourful one. Entering into her bottega everyday day for six months was more than a pleasure, but a creative, fulfilling, challenging, growing and significant experience in my "career life".

The environment in the studio is warm, much like Lis, I think you just have to look around and what you see around you very much expresses Lis...colourful, patterned, original, organic, real, raw, bold, quality, well thought about and creative.

I asked Lis if she could answer a few questions for me and send me a few photo's of some of her work...here's what she wrote.

Give me a breif low down on your career.....
Bio-non-dégradable: Lis Carpenter “Cucire è sempre stata la mia passione ed ora è anche il mio lavoro. Dopo una carriera nella moda e nell'arredamento con Ralph Lauren a New York e Giorgio Armani a Milano, ho voluto tornare alle cose più semplici fatte con le mie mani. Così, nel 2009 ho aperto il mio Atelier nel cuore di Milano in un quartiere pieno di attività artigianali. I riferimenti e le ispirazioni che mi guidano provengono dai luoghi dove ho vissuto e soprattutto l'America rurale e Venezia, la Serenissima. Amo moltissimo la pittura rinascimentale del XIV e XV secolo, i quilt di Gee's Bend in Alabama, i motivi delle stoffe di Fortuny, i patchwork del Kentucky, la semplicità del design Shaker e i blocchi storici della Zucchi Collection of Antique Handblocks.”
Sewing has always been my passion and is now my work. After a career in fashion and home furnishings with Ralph Lauren in New York and Giorgio Armani in Milano I wanted to get back to the pure and simple pleasure of creating with my hands. Così, in 2009 I opened my Atelier in the heart of Milan in a very funky neighborhood filled with artisans, craftspersons, vintage shops and authentic "characters". My inspiration and references come from the places where I've lived, especially rural America and Venice the Most Serene. I love 15th century Renaissance paintings, the Quilts from Gee's Bend in Alabama, Fortuny fabrics patterns, Kentucky patchworks, the simplicity of Shaker design and the fabulous historical printing blocks from the Zucchi Collection of Antique Handblocks.

What inspries you?  see above

Favourite food?  any green vegetable, preferably bitter, with lots of fresh garlic, good olive oil  and hot red pepper

What are you reading right now? just started "The Help" by Kathryn Stockett

Three best cafe's in Milan?  The very best is "Paolo's Ponky Bar" on the corner of Marco D'Oggiono and Cicco Simonetta. Completely authentic! Spritz and live music, good espresso and above all 100% humanity with humor and heart. "Cioccolati Italiani" is great for a good coffee and ice cream on the corner of Via dei Amicis and Conca del Naviglio. Then "Bar Magenta" on the corner of Via Carducci and Corso Magenta - good beer and sandwiches, good in the daytime, evening and late night.

What could America learn from Italy? Definitely how to cook, loosen up, be less competitive
and how to dress. Americans on holiday in Italy are such sore thumbs. Flip flops, t-shirts and shorts just doesn't cut it!

Thankyou Lis!!

 A curtain created from old family linens..

 A bed head board cover created with a patch-work American flag
 Swiss table centre pieces
September on Cresita Drive 250 x 250 cm
You can find her on http://www.liscarpenter-milano.com or visit her bottega in Milan, all details can be found on her site, or check her out on facebook search "Les patchworks de Lis".

22 November 2010


gypsy |ˈjipsē| (also gipsy)
a member of a traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade, and fortune-telling. Gypsies are now found mostly in Europe, parts of North Africa, and North America, but are believed to have originated in the Indian subcontinent.
• the language of the gypsies; Romany.
• a person who leads an unconventional life.
• a person who moves from place to place as required by employment.

So, you often hear aboout people's style being referred to as gypsy, boho, earthy.....is it really relevant to the meaning of the word gypsy when described as a style?

What do you think about the images above and their style?

* Images all come from  " The Selby is in your place" book by Todd Selby

20 November 2010

19 November 2010


Have you heard about the book depository?
If not, beware, it's dangerous and it involves your credit card eeeekkk!!!
It's a great online book store, reduced price books, with FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE!
They're based in England and have most books you can dream of......
It's also so lovely receiving a package in the mail!!
A few I have purchased over the past year...

So the website is http://www.bookdepository.com/ what are you going to treat yourself to?

18 November 2010


Pinocchio is a fictional character that first appeared in 1881, in The Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi, and has since appeared in many adaptations of that story and others. Carved from a piece of pine by a woodcarver named Geppetto in a small Italian village, he was created as a wooden puppet, but dreamt of becoming a real boy. The name Pinocchio is Italian for "Pine Eye".
My poor Pinocchio that always falls off my desk, but he's so CUTE!

17 November 2010


I could've scanned almost every page in this book
"Simple home" by Mark & Sally Bailey


Boho....what do you think when you think of that word?
The word Bohemian according to the dictionary on my apple says..

unconventional, nonconformist, unorthodox, avant-garde, irregular, offbeat, alternative; artistic; informal boho, artsy, artsy-fartsy, way-out. antonym conventional.

Well, check out what these two talented women are up to.....
Creating one off stunning necklaces made of all sorts of treasures, old horn, coins, old rosary beads....to name a few.
I have about 10 of these necklaces from their collections and still love all ten of them.

Have a look...


Some of the few I own

 P.s you can buy online!!!



One of my favourite favourites...

pronto.prego.a presto

pronto, prego e a presto.

My favourite words in italian, maybe it's something about the ring of the "pr" that the sound makes on your tongue, they were also the first words I learnt besides Ciao and pizza, so I've decided to use them as the name of my Blog.

A blog I thought to myself this morning,whats the deal with all these blogs, it's become like having a facebook account, a whole new online world,well... after staying up until 3am last night scrolling through numerous stunning interior blogs, I realise that it's another way to be connected and have an outlet, whether it be creative, visual, reviews, opinions, articles...a place to display ones,well ones whatver one decides to display.

So, welcome to pronto, prego e a presto, enjoy whatever this ones self may display...