17 November 2010

pronto.prego.a presto

pronto, prego e a presto.

My favourite words in italian, maybe it's something about the ring of the "pr" that the sound makes on your tongue, they were also the first words I learnt besides Ciao and pizza, so I've decided to use them as the name of my Blog.

A blog I thought to myself this morning,whats the deal with all these blogs, it's become like having a facebook account, a whole new online world,well... after staying up until 3am last night scrolling through numerous stunning interior blogs, I realise that it's another way to be connected and have an outlet, whether it be creative, visual, reviews, opinions, articles...a place to display ones,well ones whatver one decides to display.

So, welcome to pronto, prego e a presto, enjoy whatever this ones self may display...

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