7 February 2011


Who would've thought such a simple dish would offer such culinary satisfaction, when this bowl was first placed in front of me in Italy, I thought maybe there was no food in the house so they were giving me some white spaghetti with some garlic and oil, I think there's much to understand about the italians before you can appreciate this dish, spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and chilli, topped with some parmesan if you wish. Simple right? Yes, but simple is good, and the italians have simplicity down to a fine art.
Simplicity and satisfaction in a bowl.


  1. miam... yummy
    and just to let you know that my new blog is on!!!
    hope to see you there!

  2. I could kill for a plate of that right now. When I was little, on the few occasion that mum was away dad would then have to cook. Because that happenes really rarely, then everytime it would turn into an event....wow dad's cooking, it's a special day. He would always make spaghetti aglio olio e peperoncino. Mum would never make them. So to me, this recipe is like a pure speciality, that you don't normally have on ordinary days.
    Well, now that I'm a (nearly) grown man and cook for myself I realised another thing: me dad's a lazy ass and a bad cook!! Ahahah! That's why he'd always do so, cos' it's tasty and takes two seconds. No wonder what my speciality will be for my kids one day eheheh.
    Ciao Livs,